Air Cooled
TIG Torches
Cable Covers

weldtec_air_cooled_tig_welding_torches001040.jpg weldtec_air_cooled_tig_welding_torche Cable covers
WT-17, 17F,
17FV, 17V
Replacement Parts
150 Amps
Air Cooled
Gas Lens Kits

Clear Quartz
WT-24 Series
AK-24 Kit

weldtec_air_cooled_tig_welding_torches001029.jpg weldtec_air_cooled_tig_welding_torches001028.jpg
Extension Adapters

Connector Guide

weldtec_air_cooled_tig_welding_torches001025.jpg weldtec_air_cooled_tig_welding_torches001024.jpg
Stubby Gas Lens

Champagne Nozzle

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Air Cooled TIG Welding Torches
WT-24, 24F,
24FV, 24V
Replacement Parts
80 Amps
Air Cooled
WT-26, 26F,
26FV, 26P, 26V
Replacement Parts
200 Amps
Air Cooled
WT-9 Series
AK-920 Kit

WT-9, 9F,
9FV, 9P, 9V
Replacement Parts
125 Amps
Air Cooled
WT-17, 26 Series
AK-1718 Kit

pasted1095.jpg ak-24_d.jpg weldtec_air_cooled_tig_welding_torches001017.jpg
Air Cooled
Cable Options
Whip Extension
Power Cables
weldtec_air_cooled_tig_welding_torches001012.jpg weldtec_air_cooled_tig_welding_torches001011.jpg weldtec_air_cooled_tig_welding_torches001009.jpg weldtec_air_cooled_tig_welding_torches001008.jpg weldtec_air_cooled_tig_welding_torches001006.jpg
TTC-150, TTC-200
Cable Connectors

Megaflo Glass Nozzles
Control Switches

weldtec_air_cooled_tig_welding_torches001004.jpg weldtec_air_cooled_tig_welding_torches001003.jpg weldtec_air_cooled_tig_welding_torches001002.jpg weldtec_air_cooled_tig_welding_torches001001.jpg
2 fer Gas Lens